By Type of Incontinence


Select the condition that best fits your situation and follow it to the products that would be most suitable for your needs  

Stress Urinary: Leakage of small amounts of urine due to sudden pressure on the bladder

Bowel: occasional fecal smears
Coughing, laughing, exercising, bending, or moving heavy objects. Click Here for Solutions
Urge A sudden urge to urinate that is so strong it cannot be held long enough to reach the bathroom. Bladder spasms, strokes, diabetes, urinary tract infections, dementia. Click Here for Solutions
Overflow Involuntary urination. Bladder muscles are unable to contain urine under pressure. Feeling of inability to empty bladder may be experienced. Enlargement of prostate gland, disorders of the lower urinary tract, infection. Click Here for Solutions
Reflex Urinary: Involuntary urination without sensation of a full bladder. Unaware of the need to urinate.

Bowel: occasional fecal episodes.
Herniated disk, multiple sclerosis, cerebral palsy, or spinal cord injury. Click Here for Solutions
Functional Involuntary urination which occurs when an individual cannot get to the bathroom fast enough. Restricted mobility, arthritis, crippling disorders, medications, psychosocial disorders. Click Here for Solutions
Extra Needs For larger voids and /or target areas. Extends the use of any disposable undergarment. Wide design for bowel incontinence.   Click Here for Solutions
Caregiver Extras Body surface needs to be cleaned periodically

Hands must remain sanitary
  Click Here for Solutions
Maximum Plus Protection Highest capacity brief available featuring the ultra-thin PowerSorb™ Micro-layer. When Performance Matters Most.   Click Here for Solutions

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