The Most Absorbent Diapers to Keep You Dry All Day & Night

Last updated on May 05, 2022

While incontinence has been a condition affecting adults for centuries, it wasn't until the 1930s that the first mass-marketed disposable diaper became available for purchase. Johnson & Johnson released a product called CHUX in 1935, composed of shredded paper wadding sandwiched between a plastic backing and a tissue lining.

Incontinence Selections Evolve

Over the decades since, diapers for adults have evolved drastically. Materials and features have improved to address needs like getting a good night's sleep, keeping skin dry, and protecting from both bowel incontinence and urinary incontinence. The size of the adult incontinence market keeps growing. In 2018 the global adult diaper market was valued as $11.55B and it is projected to reach $19.77B by 2026. This means there is no shortage of diapers for adults, with plenty of options from which to choose.

The Diaper Market for Adults Keeps Growing

We've seen an influx in the amount of products in stores and an increase in advertising. We've also seen significant innovation with new products. The number of complementary products has also expanded to include products like swim diapers, incontinence pads, booster pads, underpads and more. The marketing has grown such that there now exists solutions for every unique incontinence challenge.

One of the features that has come the furthest since the creation of disposable adult diapers is absorbency. The diapers available today can hold urine from multiple episodes without issue. These diapers wick moisture away from skin, maintaining skin health and protecting wearers both during the day and all through the night. For individuals with heavy incontinence, maximum absorbency is a must. Today's diapers are capable of holding waste from multiple episodes while still guaranteeing skin dryness.

The Right Diapers for Adults


How do I choose the right adult diapers with high absorbency and durability to suit my needs? Our favorite brand for extremely absorbent diapers is Tranquility. Founded in 1961, the company makes all products in the USA and uses materials of exceptional quality. They make products in a wide range of styles and sizes, including youth up to 5XL.

Their diapers for adults and complementary products are used for individuals in their home, in hospitals, nursing homes, clinics and veterans' facilities. All of their products provide leakage control and odor reduction, and guarantee skin protection.

CUP method

Why Tranquility?

What makes Tranquility different from other brands is how they measure the absorbency of their products. They use a proprietary test method called "capacity under pressure." This method measures the product's retention capacity with applied pressure, which is the amount of fluid absorbed by the product that cannot be forced out with pressure. This is essential for a realistic understanding of how much fluid a product can hold.

Capacity Under Pressure Explained

Think about it - if you're wearing a diaper and you're sitting or lying down, your body weight is applying pressure to the product. Other brands do not test their product with applied pressure, even though much of the time a wearer is sitting or lying down! Tranquility's stated absorbency is a more accurate representation of the product's absorbency under daily use.


The Most Absorbent Adult Diaper Options

While we believe Tranquility is the most advanced brand in highly absorbent technology, you're probably wondering which products of theirs are the best. Where do you start, and what do you choose? from plastic-backed diapers to adult nighttime diapers and more - we cover it all. Read on to see our recommendations for the top 5 most absorbent adult diapers and complementary products you can buy today.

The Right Adult Diapers for Absorbency

The correct diaper will improve your lifestyle, giving you the confidence to do the activities you love, with the ones you love. Diaper products listed below are durable and comfortable, eliminating the smell of urine and retaining the skin's ideal microclimate.


1. The Best for Overnight 

Tranquility Premium Overnight Disposable Absorbent Underwear

These adult nighttime diapers are heavy-hitters for absorbency, holding up to 34 oz of fluid. We would argue to say they are the best overnight adult diapers on the market. These overnight diapers continue to be one of our best sellers. They provide maximum leakage protection and are safe for extended wear, guarding fragile skin for long daytrips or all through the night.

The super absorbent core pulls moisture away from the body and reduces nighttime leaks. The overnight diaper wetness indicator changes colors when the product is wet, making it easy for both caregivers and wearers to recognize when it is time to change. These continue to be our most popular and top recommendation for the best overnight diaper on the market.



Daytime DAU

2. The Perfect Adult Diapers for Daytime

Tranquility Premium Daytime Disposable Absorbent Underwear

So we have the overnight diaper covered, but what about daytime? With these heavy-duty daytime diapers for adults from Tranquility, it's easy to ensure incontinence won't interrupt your day. These disposable underwear hold up to 25 oz of fluid, or roughly a little over 3 cups.

The diaper fits sizes Medium-2XL. The diaper is soft, has comfortable leg openings and has a full-rise waist panel with ample fabric to provide a better fit. They are also latex-free. A wetness indicator changes color when it is time to dispose of the product.




3. Adult Diapers for Swimming

Swimmates Disposable Swimwear

Swimmates are the only disposable swim diaper for adults on the market. These pull-ups can fit sizes Small to 2XL. They can be worn under a bathing suit to provide containment for fecal incontinence and they will not swell up in the water. The tear-away side seams are used for easy removal and disposal. Inner leg cuffs contain fecal accidents, promising to keep the pool and bathing suits clean.




Personal Care Pad

4. Highly Absorbent Pad for Regular Underwear

Tranquility Overnight Personal Care Pad

For wearers who prefer wearing regular underwear but need protection from incontinence episodes, underwear pads are the ideal solution. The overnight personal care pad is the most absorbent pad offered by Tranquility. The pad features an hourglass shape for a comfortable fit and an adhesive strip that secures the pad in place.

A gentle elastic forms a slight cup shape to create a secure fit. Each pad had embossed channels to direct fluid into the pad's core. The pad core holds an impressive 16.9 oz of fluid, or a little over 2 cups. It also provides odor control and limits bacterial growth.



Booster Contour

5. Heavy-Duty Booster Pads Create the Most Absorbent Adult Diaper Available

Tranquility Super-Plus Topliner Booster Contour Pads

Want to prevent leaks? Try adding a booster pad! Tranquility's most absorbent booster pad holds up to 27.5 oz of fluid and can be added to many briefs for extra protection. For example, Tranquility's tab-style SmartCore Brief can hold up to 34 oz of fluid. When a wearer adds the booster pad to the SmartCore brief, the combination can hold up to 61.5 oz of fluid! (34 + 27.5 = 61.5) That's nearly 8 cups of fluid, or half a gallon!




It's about more than just preventing leaks

Incontinence leaks are often caused in a diaper that doesn't have enough absorbent capacity or was not changed in time. Absorbent underwear helps to keep moisture against the skin, which prevents the skin from cracking or developing bacterial infections. A highly absorbent diaper provides comfort during the diapering process.

When using overnight diapers, bare skin must remain dry for easy-to-maintain sleep without irritant effects, especially for sensitive skin. Overnight diapers and daytime products for adults that are highly absorbent help with more than just leaks - they help reduce odor, keep skin healthy, ensure a sound night's sleep and eliminate embarrassment for a happier and healthier life.

Adult Diaper Comparison

Still wondering "how can I choose the right product"? If absorbency is not the most important feature for you, check out our Adult Diapers Guide. This guide provides a further breakdown of the perfect overnight diapers and daytime incontinence products for each unique use case.

Is there anything else I should know?

The diaper shopping process might seem overwhelming. There's so much variety that making a good choice seems impossible. When you buy a new diaper, prepare yourself that it might not be right on the first try. Comfort Plus offers samples on many products so you can try before you buy.

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