Personal Hygiene and Care

It is imperative that caregivers are kept clean, especially when assisting patients with incontinence problems. That way, they can better serve every patient and stay healthy and thriving. At Comfort Plus, we stock only the very best in both body cleansing wipes and medical gloves, so you can get what you need for your patient’s needs, all in one place with a name you can trust. Try a sample of our hygiene products to see what our products can do for you.

Cleansing Wipes and Gloves

The body cleansing wipes we provide are soft, hypoallergenic and pre-moisturized to maximize ease of use for the caregiver and, above all, comfort to the patient. Our sanitary wipes are 9” x 13”, making them large enough for whole body cleansing and perfect for a quick clean up.

We offer a great selection of nitrile and vinyl gloves for a clean, hygienic and comfortable alternative to latex. Our vinyl gloves are certified organic while our nitrile gloves are tested for use with chemotherapy drugs.

Comfort is Our Priority

Where quality counts and comfort is king, our hygiene products are incredibly reliable, as any other product we offer. Since we manufacture all of our own hygiene products, we get to cut out the middle man to provide you with unbelievable quality at an unmatched value.