Disposable Absorbent Underwear is quickly becoming the most popular incontinence solution. From top brands like Tranquility®, Depend, Attends, and more, Comfort Plus offers the most absorbent disposable underwear on the market. Disposable Absorbent Underwear is pull-on style diapers worn like traditional underwear. We provide disposable absorbent underwear with a variety of absorbency levels from light to maximum. If you are looking for discreet, highly absorbent products that provide protection and comfort, shop Comfort Plus.

Are Pull-Up Diapers Right For Me? Disposable pull-on underwear is typically the preferred style for those with mobility and individuals who are caring for themselves. If you’re seeking a product for your own incontinence care needs or purchasing it for someone who is relatively active, a pull-up style is our recommended solution. 

If you are caring for someone has limited mobility or may be completely immobile, we recommend considering one of our brief-style diapers with tabs. The tabs are easier to custom fit when putting on and easy to tear apart when it is time for changing.

Which Adult Pull-On Style Underwear Works Best for Me? 
There is a wide variety of pull-on style underwear to fit every individual’s body and every unique need. This way you’ll always have exactly what you need to keep skin dry and guarantee comfort and protection. Here are some tips for choosing the right pull-up underwear:

Swim underwear offers protection at the pool or at the beach. They can be worn discreetly underneath a swimsuit.
Plus-size pull-ups offer a comfortable, stretchy fit for larger individuals.
Youth pull-ups provide extra urinary and bowel protection for children who are still potty training, experience nighttime accidents or need a little extra support.
Extra absorbency for those with heavy leaks and full bladder releases. We recommend shopping the Tranquility brand, which offers the most absorbent diapers on the market. They offer both an overnight and daytime disposable underwear. 

Still Not Sure? Try our product finder to find the best products for your needs. 

Want To Talk To A Real Person? Our trained incontinence experts are on standby to answer any questions you have! Our goal is to provide you with the support and guidance you need. Please feel free to call, email or use our live chat to speak with a representative. 

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