About Comfort Plus

Our Mission

Our mission is to be the most convenient, reliable, and trustworthy incontinence solutions provider, offering customers relief from the challenges of living with incontinence. Comfort Plus is committed to providing hyper-personalized customer support and high-quality incontinence supplies.

Our Story

Comfort Plus Founder, Martha O’Neill, needed incontinence supplies to care for her aging grandmother, Bessie Shippey. While in the care of a nursing home, Bessie suffered from the negative side effects of incontinence when it is not addressed properly -- skin breakdown, odor, and embarrassment.

Martha decided to take things into her own hands and become the primary caregiver for Bessie. She moved Bessie into her home and began searching for the best ways to improve her grandmother’s quality of life. Her drive to help her grandmother led to her attending medical trade shows in search of solutions. At these shows she met skilled providers, manufacturers, and other caregivers. She learned what types of incontinence exists, how to address issues caused by incontinence, and found products to test and find the right fit for her grandmother. Martha helped Bessie regain the dignity, self-esteem, and freedom she so deserved to continue living a long and healthy life.

Driven by her own experience, Martha launched Comfort Plus in 1992. Throughout the 90’s, she distributed product to Southern Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico and West Texas. Her goal was to help others that had a similar experience to her own. For over 30 years, thousands of individuals have received help, support, and products from Comfort Plus.

Today, Comfort Plus has grown into a larger business, selling online and shipping to 48 of the 50 states. While our reach is bigger than ever, our team remains small and incredibly passionate about helping those who need the right care. When you get the right care for your incontinence needs, we celebrate!

The Team


Digital Marketing Lead

After witnessing her grandmother endure a long battle with Alzheimer’s disease, Hayley grew a deep admiration for dementia patients and caregivers. She is passionate about building programs to aid Comfort Plus’s patients and their caregivers in gaining access to resources they need to live happier, easier, and healthier lives.


Digital Marketing Coordinator

Karissa’s drive is to create an accessible online environment that allows for caregivers and patients to easily find the best incontinence solutions for their specific needs!


Customer Success Specialist

Our customers love Matthew so much that they ask for him by name! He is fantastic at providing them the information and assistance needed to match them with the products that give them the kind of self confidence and dignity they deserve.


Customer Success Specialist

Janel has an impressive background with over 20 years of customer service. She brings this experience to every conversation she has with customers, allowing her to help anyone in any situation.