About Comfort Plus

Rest assured that with Comfort Plus, you've found a resource you can trust. Since 1992, we have prided ourselves in providing the best adult diapers, briefs, disposable underwear, and other incontinence supplies on the market.

We feature Tranquility Incontinence Products because these products have been proven to prevent embarrassing moments, skin breakdowns, and other side effects associated with sensitive or overactive bladder.

Our Mission

Our mission is to give the incontinent person dignity, self-esteem and freedom to enjoy the things they have always enjoyed. Comfort Plus is committed to helping our customers achieve this by providing the very best incontinence products with personalized customer support at reasonable prices.


Bessie Shippey, my grandmother, music teacher, substitute mother, mentor, and my personal hero was, at 98, physically abused in a residential care home. Unfortunately, as a result of 14 months of abuse, she became incontinent. I became the caregiver in my own home because she was suffering from skin breakdown, odor and embarrassment due to inferior incontinence products being used. I felt compelled to search for a product that would keep her free from this distress and allow her to regain her dignity.

This situation motivated me to attend the Med-Trade Show in Atlanta, Georgia to search for a solution. At this largest of medical trade shows I was able to see every incontinence product on the market and review their merits. I was thoroughly impressed with Tranquility Incontinence Products; they were simply the best! 

To my surprise not only did I find a product to help my grandmother but also I was able to become the Southwest distributor for Tranquility. I felt this opportunity was the answer to my prayers and Comfort Plus Medical Supply, Inc. was born.

Comfort Plus has been the distributor of Tranquility Incontinence Products for Southern Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico and West Texas since 1992, and we continue to flourish.


Martha O’Neill  Founder