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The blue soft-wicking layer accelerates moisture pickup to provide rapid absorbency, making this one of the best adult diaper options on our website. Customers love these Select adult incontinence briefs for their comfort as well as their odor and leak protection. 

Features and Benefits: 

  • Wetness indicator
  • Refastenable tape tabs
  • Elastic leg gathers
  • Skin dryness
  • Secure fit
  • Odor control 
  • Latex-free

Note: Youth and X-Small briefs feature a cloth-like backsheet and micro-hook closure tabs

Item # Size Waist/Hip Capacity Packaging Price Per Unit - Bag / Case
3665 Youth (White) 28-42 lbs 9.8 oz/289 mL 10 in bag (10 bags in case) $.72 / $.65
3666 X-Small (White) 18"-26" 10.4 oz/308 mL 10 in bag (10 bags in case) $.60 / $.51
2620 Small (Green) 24"-32" 11.8 oz/348 mL 10 in bag (10 bags in case) $.50 / $.46
2624 Medium (White) 32"-44" 15.8 oz/468 mL 12 in bag (8 bags in case) $.67 / $.62
2634 Large (Blue) 45"-58" 19.3 oz/571 mL 12 in bag (6 bags in case) $.92 / $.83
2635 X-Large (Beige) 56"-64" 23.0 oz/681 mL 8 in bag (8 bags in case) $1.12 / $1.02


  • 3
    Good day time diaper for the price.

    Posted by Eric P Van Vorst on Feb 02, 2021

    Good day time diaper for the price. Not too bad at keeping me dry at night although I can't just sleep in just the diaper or it leaks, seems to do ok with pants on. Works very good as a daytime diaper, not bad for the price.

  • 4
    Select Disposable Diapers

    Posted by E Wong on Feb 01, 2021

    Compared to others, this was the longest diaper for the side tape category. For us it was too long.

  • 3
    Good day time diaper for the price.

    Posted by Eric P Van Vorst on Jan 06, 2021

    I'm used to using Tranqulity ATN's but due to the cost switched back to Select. I must say they are not as good at night time for keeping me as dry but as long as I'm dry before bedtime and wear pants over the diaper and not just the diaper as I used to with ATN's they seem to do ok. as for day time use they are great! Ok, saving of about $20.00 for a case compared to ATN's price.

  • 3
    Good day time diaper.

    Posted by Eric on Apr 13, 2019

    I think this is a very good day time diaper for the price. It keeps me dry throughout the day and for the most part well at night. I like the older style plastic backing since I sleep on my side and the newer cloth backed diapers leak on the sides for me. They fit me well and are easier for me to change instead of pull up's since I don't have to remove all my clothing. All in all not a bad diaper for the price.

  • 4
    Pretty good for a cheap diaper

    Posted by Bryan K P on Apr 05, 2019

    I was impressed that I could wet this diaper two times before needing to change. For the price it is a good diaper. You get what you pay for in diapers and I am used to wearing premium ones that cost up to $2 a diaper. These are far from that and the tapes did not hold as well as I needed. But I would buy them again and recommend them to anyone on a tight budget who need short term protection. Like your going to be gone for a couple hours and won't need to pee much. They are very thin which is good, but do crinkle when you walk.

  • 3
    Not bad for daytime use

    Posted by Unknown on Feb 11, 2019

    A good economical adult diaper. Not bad for day time use, I however can't recommend them for night time use.

  • 4
    Very good adult diaper for the price!

    Posted by Eric on Nov 15, 2018

    I used to use Tranqulity ATN diapers but due to the cost had to switch brands. These diapers keep me dry most of the night and for the cost are a good option. I like the plastic outer covering better then the newer cloth backed ones, where I always leaked on the sides. I also like the light blue color and fit.

  • 4
    Good for wearing under clothing

    Posted by Unknown on Nov 12, 2018

    I am a DL and I find this product is good for wearing under clothing during the day. But I use a different product at night. Fits right, feels comfortable.

  • 4
    Select Adult Diapers Large size

    Posted by Eric Van Vorst on Sep 11, 2018

    Hi, I used to use Tranquility ATN Extra Large adult diapers, but due to the price increase had to find another product. I wanted to try Select Disposable adult diapers since they are made by the same company. I wear the Large size for better cost savings (besides I like the Blue color more then the barge) I know it's silly. They of course don't keep me as dry as the ATN's did but for the price they work well. I have only had a few small leaks at night and once during the day when I was out almost all day long. They also don't have the inter leg cuff's that I thought helped with the ATN's but again for the cost saving they seem to work well for me. I will most likely make them my new diapers again because of the new increased cost of my old ATN's but for saving they are ok.