Nov 04, 2022

4 Best Men's Diapers for Incontinence

No one needs to struggle with incontinence when there are so many great solutions available. At Comfort Plus, we pride ourselves on being experts in incontinence care. Our entire customer care team is trained and knowledge about every type of incontinence and the best solutions on the marketplace for each individual and their unique needs. We test and review hundreds of products. Our expert incontinence resources have compiled a list of our top 6 men's diapers. 

Table of Contents

  1. Best Incontinence Diapers for Men
  2. Tranquility Overnight Disposable Underwear
  3. Unique Wellness Absorbent Underwear
  4. Attends Premier Briefs
  5. Tranquility Male Guard

This review of products features only the products that offer superior protection for urine and/or fecal incontinence. This includes medical grade briefs, underwear, pads, and more. Men can feel secure knowing that high-quality products for incontinence are on the market that offer premium protection without sacrificing comfort or style. Check out the list below to find our favorite solutions for male incontinence.

Tranquility Overnight Disposable Underwear


Review: Tranquility Premium Overnight Disposable Absorbent Underwear is our best selling protective underwear. It is a loved one of a kind product! Sleep through the night with a dry bed and wake up refreshed, ready to maximize each day with Tranquility diapers and overnight underwear. These protective underwear provide maximum absorbency and premium odor control. The underwear absorb up to 34 ounces of liquid, making it possible to wear for hours and stay dry. Men can simply pull this adult underwear up to the hips for incontinence protection that wears just like regular underwear. These cloth like briefs can be worn comfortably on the body without any rubbing or irritation. Soft leg elastics promise comfortable leg openings yet security from urine leakage. Say goodbye to any leak!

This is our best selling incontinence underwear and a customer favorite within our absorbent incontinence underwear for men options. We offer fast, discreet, and free shipping. If you were to try just one incontinence product for men from our list, we'd recommend starting with this one - you can stop your search here! Try these incontinence underwear for men today and leave us a review to let us know what you think. They are worn just like regular underwear. If you've never tried this specific absorbent incontinence underwear before, we recommend trying a sample first. If you love this product you can also sign up for a subscription to receive it on a regular basis and save 5% on every re-order.

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Unique Wellness Absorbent Underwear


Review: We love this style of incontinence underwear for men. Stop leaks with this adult underwear designed with innovative NASA technology. A revolutionary new way to manage medical incontinence, Unique Wellness Absorbent Underwear lives up to the brands promise to provide high-quality, cost-effective adult diapers that keep men comfortable and confident. Customers have reported switching to Unique Wellness from Tena.

These pull-on adult diapers are so innovative that they were featured on Discovery Channels — How Stuff Work — and are designed to last between eight and 12 hours thanks to their NASA-inspired multi layered InconTek® technology. That's right, these NASA diapers were designed using the same principles used by NASA when developing their Maximum Absorbency Garments (MAGs) - how cool, right?! It's one of the things we love most about this brand. Unique Wellness brand is innovating the incontinence underwear space and producing fantastic options for men.

Find the best in men's incontinence underwear with these protective underwear. When searching for the best underwear for men, these underwear were always at the top of our list. Worn like regular underwear, these disposable underwear protect skin, control odor, and stop leaks. Men's bladder leaks can impact a man's quality of life, but these briefs and other resources offer medical protection to stay happy and healthy. A recent customer review reported this product a helpful style worn after medical prostate surgery; Men's guard offer absorbency for any leaks.

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Incontinence Underwear for Men - Briefs Style

Attends Premier Briefs


Review: Attends Premier incontinence briefs offer protection from urinary incontinence and urine odor. The brief's fit is full-fit and high-rise, ensuring all-day comfort. Designed with 100% breathability, Attends Premier briefs guarantee leak protection provides confident days and dignified nights for men. Leg openings can be adjusted based on how tightly the brief is secured, allowing for customizable fit for every body.

These incontinence briefs are Attends' most absorbent brief, providing a fantastic solution for those who struggle with bladder control. Keep the bed dry when sleeping in these Attends briefs overnight. The interior pad is extremely soft and comfortable. Stop urinary leakage with this high absorbency brief. This is a customer favorite for male incontinence. This product is available in sizes Medium-X-Large. These men's incontinence briefs offer an 8-hour odor guard & polymers provide advanced dryness all day or night. Many men have given their positive review for these briefs.

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Incontinence Extra Protection Men

Tranquility Male Guard


Review: The Tranquility Male Guards have a soft absorbent core that draws fluid into the product, reducing odor while protecting sensitive skin from rash and breakdown. Adding an extra layer of protection, simply place the guards inside of the adult incontinence briefs or diapers for added leakage protection. They are a one-size-fits-all regardless of weight or height.

We also offer a Tena men's pad but decided to pick the Tranquility male guard as our #1 because it offered greater absorbency and felt softer against skin. The cloth-like backsheet is soft on skin, won’t bulge or crinkle, and allows full range of motion with no discomfort. Gentle sides move with you for optimal performance.

The active side elastics form a cup shape and create a firm barrier against leakage. Pads are soft and comfortable to wear overnight or all-day. The cloth like, moisture-proof backing and adhesive strip allows the incontinence pads to be securely worn in snug fitting underwear. No uncomfortable sliding while wearing, no awkward adjusting, and most importantly: no leaks! Latex-free. These are unlike pads for women in that they are specifically contoured and fitted to shape to male anatomy. Pads for women are typically thicker and structured for female anatomy.

The men's pads are one universal size, 12.25"x 5.25". Each bag contains 52 men's guards. Incontinence pads provide extra absorbency and more protection from bladder challenges than a men's brief alone would. Keep skin protected and your health in top-notch condition with these incontinence pads made specifically for men. Pads will absorb 9.5 ounces of urine each.

Snag these men's disposable guards today with our fast, free, and discreet shipping.

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Incontinence Hygiene Essentials for Men

Tranquility Cleansing Wipes


Review: We shared our favorite incontinence underwear for men, favorite male incontinence briefs, and adult men's guard. We would be remiss if we didn't share our favorite for incontinence hygiene: Tranquility Cleansing Wipes! These are a home and life staple. Helpful for odor control, these soft moisture wipes are extremely gentle on the body. For any bladder leak challenges these wipes are useful resources for staying clean and comfortable.

The wipes have a mild scent and are hypoallergenic, paraben-free, alcohol-free and are enriched with Aloe Vera, Chamomile and Vitamin E. The wipes are large enough to allow for quick clean-up or bathing of those who are bedridden. The package reseals tightly to keep wipes moist. 

They are easy to take on-the-go or keep at home, these helpful incontinence cleansing wipes are a feature product in our store. Of course both men and women can use these medical grade wipes - they are great for securing optimal health. One feature of the wipes is that they are large in size, approximately 9x13" and 56 wipes in each package. Infused with aloe and chamomile, the body wipes are helpful to maintain good health and hygiene for yourself, family, and/or loved one. Try these wipes out and leave us a review to let us know what you think! Or sign up for a subscription to get these wipes delivered and save 5% on every re-order.

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Disposable Nitrile Gloves


Review: Disposable and ambidextrous nitrile gloves are a great option for maintaining good hygiene. They are quick and easy to put on before cleaning or disposing of soiled incontinence products. These are not made with natural rubber latex. They are also powder-free and vinyl-free. They are non-sterile and they contain no latex protein allergens.

These gloves offer superior comfort and dexterity. They are available in 100 or 200 gloves per box. We have options available in a wide range of sizes including: X-Small, Small, Medium, Large, and X-Large. These gloves are one of our most popular products - check out all of the customer reviews!

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What Can A Man Wear for Incontinence?

Mix and match any of the products mentioned in this list! We'd recommend starting with a brief or underwear depending on your level of mobility. Bedridden or wheelchair-bound individuals often find a brief preferable. If you are mobile, underwear is typically preferred. If you need additional protection, the male guard is a wonderful add on option. Stay clean, safe and healthy by trying our various hygiene products: from vinyl or nitrile gloves, cleansing wipes, perineal cleansers, and more.

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