Pillow Paws 360° Imprint Non-Slip Slipper Socks, XL

Pillow Paws
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About Pillow Paws: 

Pillow Paws® Terries™ Slipper Socks provide warmth, comfort and peace of mind with the tread on the bottom. The quality and comfort of our Pillow Paws terry knit socks make them the most wearable patient footwear products in the industry. The slip-resistant tread is printed on the smooth side of the terrycloth fabric allowing the ink to “puff” and create a full, robust tread design that enhances safety and comfort. Pillow Paws Terries Slipper Socks are machine washable for multiple usages.

Wrapped with a full 360 degree imprint to provide maximum tread coverage ensuring a constant grip with the walking surface. Knit with a plush thread that makes these our best-selling and patient preferred slipper sock. Machine washable, latex-free.

Key Benefits & Features

  • Non-skid sole slipper socks.

  • Can be worn in bed, and are great for nighttime use.

About Komfort Kuff™

The Komfort Kuff is a standard feature of all Pillow Paws Slipper Socks and is significantly less restrictive than cuffs on other brands of patient footwear. The Komfort Kuff reduces instances of bruising and decreased blood flow around the cuff of the sock and enhances patient comfort.


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