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What is the difference between a booster pad and a personal care pad?

Booster pads for incontinence care have a flow-through design that allows the pad to fill to capacity first and then pass additional fluid to the host (primary) garment. Booster pads are placed inside any disposable undergarment with a moisture-proof backing, such as disposable absorbent underwear (DAU) or tab-style adult incontinence briefs. 

A Personal Care pad has a moisture-proof backing and is meant to be worn in regular underwear. It should not be used as a booster inside a host garment, as the moisture-proof backing would not allow the fluid to flow through, it will cause urine to run out the sides and leak.

Booster Pad = worn inside another absorbent product for added absorbency
Personal Care Pad = worn inside regular underwear as the only absorbent product

Is a booster pad the same thing as a liner?

No, booster pads and liners are made differently. Booster pads do not contain any moisture barrier where a liner does. A moisture barrier will prevent any fluid from passing through the product. A booster pad has a flow-through design that allows the pad to fill to capacity first and then pass additional fluid to the host (primary) garment. Booster pads are placed inside any disposable undergarment with a moisture-proof backing. Liners are worn in regular underwear.

Are there alternative placements for booster pads?

Booster pads are made to be placed in middle of the host (primary) garment. Booster pads can also be placed over the hips, across the back or stomach to help target areas where additional absorption is needed. They can be folded, but should never be cut.

Can I double the booster pads?

Yes, you can add more than one booster to the host (primary) garment for additional absorbency. Make sure that the booster pad is fully contained within the host garment- no part should extend beyond the edges.

What is a zippered mattress protector?

A zippered mattress protector is a mattress cover with a zipper that completely encloses your mattress. The Comfort Plus zippered mattress protector is made from high quality vinyl and can be ordered for twin and hospital sized beds.

What is the difference between a zippered mattress protector and a regular mattress protector?

A zippered mattress protector has a zipper and fits more securely around a mattress. Regular mattress protectors are similar to sheets, in that they stretch over the sides of the mattress, but can come loose with movement. If your sheets often come undone while you sleep, or you want a secure fit, consider a zippered mattress protector. 

How can bed rails help me?

Bed rails help to assist with getting in and out of bed and significantly reduce the risk of falls when used properly. More than one in four older adults fall each year, and many of those falls occur from getting in or out of bed. Comfort Plus offers adjustable and folding bed rails for maximum use and flexibility.

What is the benefit of a commode?

A commode can be placed next to the bed and used at nighttime, or anytime, to reduce trips to the bathroom and risk of falls or injury. The bathroom can be dangerous, especially at night, and a commode is a convenient bathroom alternative to consider. The benefits of a commode are convenience and ease of use. A bedside commode makes night trips to use the restroom less interruptive of sleep and provides a way for one to use the bathroom at night safely.

What is the benefit of having a raised toilet seat?

Raised toilet seats make getting on and off the toilet much easier and safer. As adults age, mobility and flexibility decrease, making getting up and down more difficult. Coupling the challenges of getting up and down, and needing to go to the bathroom, it can be unsafe and hard to get on the toilet in time. Raised toilet seats help adults use their toilets more easily and safely.

How will a shower seat or bench help me in the shower?

Do you ever get tired of walking long distances or standing for long periods of time? Have you ever fallen or almost fallen while trying to put on pants or socks standing up? As we age, some of the tasks we used to perform with ease become more difficult. A shower seat or bench is a great aid to shower safety. Sitting down to wash your legs and feet significantly reduces the risk of slipping in the shower, and helps the person shower more thoroughly. Don’t risk an unnecessary fall in the shower, use a shower seat or bench for support.

Will I be able to use a shower seat or bench on my own without assistance?

This depends are your mobility and comfortability getting up and down on your own. If you are able to get up and down off the toilet, or a raised toilet, you should be able to use a shower seat or bench without assistance. However, be careful, because showers can be slippery! Consider also using a grab bar in your shower for additional support and security while getting up and down.

What is Neutrophase® and how is it different from other anti-sceptics?

Neutrophase is a skin and wound care cleanser that rapidly repairs even the most difficult to heal wounds. Neutrophase is 80-100 times more potent than Dakin’s solution, the standard wound care product on the market. For more information about Neutrophase, visit

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