Get to Know Comfort Plus


Shari Wood (Assistant Manager)

I am “mom” to four amazing children - Audra (12), Eden (10), Chloe (5) and Dane (3) - who keep me busy; and “wife” to my incredible husband, Kevin, who keeps me sane! I was born in Iowa but raised in sunny Arizona, and have lived in the suburbs of Phoenix for 30+ years. We are currently building a new home in SE Gilbert and will be moving at the end of the school year.

When I’m not working or shuttling my kids to/from their extracurricular activities; I enjoy making chunky necklaces, playing board games with my kids or a “date night” with my husband. My favorite place to vacation is Maui - where we like to surf, kayak, zip-line and relax on the beach. I am an advocate for breastfeeding and homebirth; and working towards becoming a gestational surrogate for a local couple who hope to have a baby of their own.

I have been with Comfort Plus since January of 2001 and I think we have the BEST customers! Hearing their voices on the phone and knowing we are making a difference in their lives, brings a smile to my face every day.

Anne Bisceglia (Sales Support)

I was aware of the Comfort Plus “story” from my years working for the Area Agency on Aging in Phoenix. A mutual friend suggested I get in touch with Linda Anderton and that is how I came to be working at Comfort Plus. The job offered an opportunity to continue working with the senior population, their families and caregivers.

When my children were small, I went back to school for a Masters Degree in Gerontology. Most recently, I spent over ten years affiliated with the State Health Insurance Program (SHIP). If you look in your “Medicare and You” booklet you will find an explanation of the SHIP programs that are throughout the country and can help with questions and problems with Medicare. In Arizona I managed the SHIP program for Maricopa County and in Colorado I helped the local SHIP as a consultant and grant writer during the implementation of the Medicare Prescription Drug Program.

My husband, Gerard, and I have been married for thirty eight years. We’ve moved ten times and have lived in eight different states from one end of the country to the other. Fountain Hills, Arizona is the community we chose to move back to when we decided it was time to stay in one place. Gerard is retired and involved in the community doing lighting for the local community theater and working with the land preservation commission and the historical museum. (Fountain Hills was founded in 1972, but we do have a historical museum!) We have two children, Paul and Ellen. Paul is married and after helping his wife, Jeanmarie, finish law school, returned to school and will be a CPA by the end of this year. Ellen, who has worked with children through the Boy’s and Girl’s Club and the YMCA since she was a teenager, is a devoted teacher. She is currently teaching 5th grade in a charter school in Queen Creek, Arizona. Our big surprise when we moved back to Arizona, was the children moved back too. So we see them frequently and usually get together for dinner on Sunday evening.

Recently as I was thinking I should get involved in some volunteer work, I realized how much I missed the SHIP program. I like knowing how the system works and was feeling out of date. So I went to the 5 day Medicare training (the training that I used to give) and have started volunteering a few hours a week helping people understand Medicare.

Jolene Capparelle (Account Executive)

I was born in California but I've spent the majority of my life in Arizona. My Grandparents were a constant influence during my childhood. Many happy memories include them. I am married to the love of my life, Frank. Our lives include our three beautiful daughters, Nicole, Erica and Mia and our sweet Bichon, Shelby. Every day is an adventure for us. We don't take our blessings for granted. Besides spending time with my family, I love hiking, reading and working on my family history. Currently I have over 12,000 relatives in my family tree, with supporting historical documents. Last year I self-published a 350 page Family Cookbook. Just a little project in my spare time....ha.

I found Comfort Plus in June of 2008.

I was caring for my Grandmother who had dementia and a severe case of urinary incontinence. She woke each morning soaked to her hairline and upset because she had to take a shower. My heart was raw from watching her struggle with this issue. A friend told me about Comfort Plus and the next day a case of Tranquility Overnight pull-ups arrived. I put one on her that night and the next day everything was DRY! Grandma could start her day with dignity and we were both able to sleep all night. It was a blessing to the whole family. Eventually, Grandma moved to an assisted living home and my youngest child went to school. I was so impressed with Comfort Plus that I called Diane Burris and asked her to tell me about the senior care industry. I had decided to go back to work and this was an industry that I wanted to know more about. A few weeks later Diane called me back to say that she was retiring and asked if I would like to ride with her for a day to see if I'd like to take over her positon. The rest, as they say, is history. I LOVED everything about this new adventure. Most of all, the of joy helping other families improve their quality of life.

Grandma recently passed away but each time I go to a home and get a hug from one of my new friends, I think of my grandmother and smile.

Linda Anderton (General Manager)

I am married to my wonderful husband, Allen. Between us we have 3 children, 7 grandkids, and 3 dogs. I’m an Iowa girl who grew up with 7 siblings. My family taught me a Mid-West work ethic and common sense. I enjoy learning the benefits of good nutrition and exercise. My perfect day would be hiking in the mountains with my family, including the dogs! My next adventure will be learning the fine art of training a show dog.

As General Manager at Comfort Plus, I wear many hats. I manage the sales team, the day to day operation of Comfort Plus, including office functions and warehouse functions. I'm responsible for overall financial performance of the company, and last but not least customer service management.

I am inspired to make sure that whatever job that needs to be done is done well. I love knowing that I make a difference in peoples’ lives every day. I treat all of our customers as if they are my parents.